Artistic expression has always been innate for Nisha Vig, as a child she would have sketchbooks filled with drawings of clothing designs, peoples and landscapes; the idea and fascination of art was always apparent in her life. In high school she became addicted to watching YouTube tutorials to learn how to better her appearance through hair, makeup, and fashion culture. After becoming obsessed with many bloggers she would call over her cousins and friends to use them as guinea pigs to practice new hair and makeup trends so that she could perfect it and share her ideas, she always felt as though she was not putting makeup on someone but painting faces and enhancing beauty that was already there in the most elegant way. Today, Nisha has built further upon her talents and implements them into her daily life.

Nisha stepped away from her artistic calling, and moved to San Diego to attend University of California, San Diego, to pursue other dreams of one day becoming an entrepreneur and having her own business in the entertainment industry. She graduated with a Bachelors in Economics and a minor in Business with an emphasis on Marketing in hopes to further herself in a career. After graduation, Nisha found herself turning down job offers because none of them truly fit what she believed in and what made her happy. That’s when she picked up her brushes, began painting and came to realize with excitement that she wanted to make people feel the same way as she had while she painted. Knowing she had many talents, she knew there was more out there to learn that couldn’t be learned off of YouTube and tech classes. Nisha picked up her bags and moved to LA, the city of industry. She received her certificate in makeup designory for makeup artistry and has now been booking clients for special events and occasions and has been investing herself in valuing everyone that comes under her brush to make them feel as their best possible version of themselves.